Sewage Doesn’t Belong in Our Basements, Streets, or Rivers! 

Towns in New Jersey with combined sewer systems have developed plans to stop sewage from overflowing into basements, streets, and rivers. How these crucial upgrades will be funded – and who will pay for them – has yet to be determined.

Right now, only revenue from water usage in homes and businesses are paying to maintain the sewer system. This strategy ignores the effect of the stormwater that falls onto roofs, into gutters, and onto paved parking lots before entering sewer systems. Stormwater utilities are being considered as a funding option by towns with combined sewer systems to ensure that everyone who contributes stormwater into our sewer systems pays for sewer upgrades.

Learn more about stormwater utilities at the New Jersey Stormwater Utility Resource Center and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Stormwater Utility Guidance website. Use this brochure to get the word out about combined sewer overflow costs and solutions.