Get the facts on the combined sewer overflow (CSO) Long Term Control Plans (LTCPs). The plans include the selected water infrastructure projects, costs and project timeline. Each of the selected options will cost millions of dollars and impact neighborhoods for decades. Please use this sample fact sheet to assist with developing comments to submit to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). The deadline for submitting comments to the NJDEP is January 31.

Sewage-Free Streets and Rivers partners along with members of the Jersey Water Works CSO Committee have been busy reviewing the LTCPs. The information gathered from these reviews is being used to develop two-page fact sheets on municipal and regional plans from the hundred-plus page reports. The goal of the fact sheets is to make the information in these reports more accessible to the public and to assist community members in submitting comments.

The front of the fact sheet displays the volume of sewage overflows that will be reduced, the cost of each project, and the project timeline graphically.

The back of the fact sheet has sections on some of the issues that the Sewage-Free Streets and Rivers campaign has focused on: green infrastructure, public participation, financing, environmental justice, and climate change considerations. Information on how to submit comments, links to where you can download the full report and contact information for the permit holder are on page 2 of the fact sheet.

The first fact sheet posted was for the North Hudson Sewerage Authority LTCPs: Adams Street and River Road. In the upcoming weeks we will post fact sheets for the regional and municipal plans. The fact sheets will be posted on the Sewage-Free Streets and Rivers website’s resource page.

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