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Ways To Stop Sewage Overflows

The Sewage-Free Streets and Rivers campaign aims to ensure that residents are informed about the impacts of sewage overflows and have input into the plans that are being developed, their costs, and the benefits or impacts the plans will have in the community.

Paying for CSO Upgrades

Communities with combined sewer systems are one step closer to being able to implement stormwater utilities to help pay for upgrades. The New Jersey Legislature gave final approval to a bill that would allow municipalities to set up stormwater utilities, a program utilized in 40 states to reduce flooding and pay for stormwater infrastructure.

Getting Sewage Off Our Streets and Out of Our Rivers

New Campaign Launches to Engage Communities in Shaping Solutions to Combined Sewer Overflows A statewide coalition today unveiled Sewage-Free Streets and Rivers, a coordinated campaign across New Jersey communities with combined sewer systems that overflow raw sewage during heavy rainfalls. These overflows can cause sewage backups into basements and streets, and dump an estimated 23 … Continue reading Getting Sewage Off Our Streets and Out of Our Rivers