By Michelle Doran-McBean, CEO, Future City Inc.

Students from Winfield Scott School #2 in Elizabeth learned about combined sewer overflows, as part of a new education and outreach program implemented by Future City Inc. The program provided 88 students from third, seventh, and eighth grades with Rotary International dictionaries as a vehicle to for information about Combined Sewer Systems and the Sewage Free Streets and Rivers campaign. Most students, like most adults, did not know about CSOs until Future City Inc.’s presentation.

Each student received a dictionary and used it to complete crossword puzzles with words relating to CSOs. Students discussed the challenges of CSOs and brought home flyers in English, Spanish, and Kreol to continue the discussion with their families. During these discussions, students explored what they can do to keep their streets clean. Students left the program reporting that they gained new understanding and appreciation of the importance of keeping litter out of their streets, and pledged to help prevent overflows.

This outreach and education program was supported by a capacity building grant from the Sewage-Free Streets and Rivers campaign.

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